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Sand & Refinish

Restorative Wood Floor Refinishing in Longwood, FL

Even floors made of the best wood will eventually show signs of wear. Berkshire Wood Flooring Inc gives new life to your floors with wood floor refinishing. We also provide wood floor sanding to restore the appearance of your hardwood flooring further.

Sanding, Staining, Refinishing

Refinishing floors is a challenging task and requires an expert because many things can and do go wrong. We provide sanding and refinishing for new and existing floors. When you want to buy new flooring and cannot find the color or look you like, sanding and refinishing will give you a larger selection.

Old flooring can also be restored whether you just need a new color or the existing finish is worn out. In fact, we have refinished solid wood floors that are up to 100 years old. Refinishing is also effective for solid and some engineered wood floors, which saves you from having to replace them.

Worth the Effort

Sanding and finishing is a time consuming and a tricky job. However, when done right, it will transform a worn out floor and add decades to its life. We do thorough and safe finishing and sanding using the Bona Atomic Dust Containment System, which reduces the amount of dust produced by 95% to 100%.

Worker Sanding Wood Floors

Affordable Costs

Prices start from $3.00 per sq. ft., including materials. Sanding and finishing cost about 25%-30% of a new floor, so you also save money.