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Custom Work

Distinctive Hardwood Floor Borders in Longwood, FL

Hardwood floors are beautiful. However, they can look spectacular with the right creative flourishes. At Berkshire Wood Flooring Inc, we have the skills to do hardwood floor borders, parquet flooring, and other enhancive features. Call us to discuss options that will make your wood flooring unique.

Custom Work

Give your hardwood floors a one-of-a-kind appearance with custom work from our contractors. We use our creativity and skills to design and install flooring that reflects your distinctive taste in decorating. Popular choices include:

  • Versailles Pattern
  • Stained Walnut Made from Straight Planks (2 Weeks to Complete)
  • Multimedia
  • Mixture of Tile and Hardwood
  • Custom Border Work
  • Medallion and Custom Parquet

Patterned Hardwood Floor